Benefits of Swiss Degree

Benefits of Swiss Degree

  • Quality Academic Programs: All schools are subject to stringent academic quality standards expected of Swiss institutions. Close ties to leading companies ensure that the academic programs meet the needs of the industry, and partnerships with other universities allow students to earn British or American, along with a Swiss qualification.
  • Networking Opportunities: After graduation, students are welcomed into the alumni network with over 20,000 graduates located worldwide. Alumni groups around the world help graduates stay in touch and expand there networking opportunities.
  • Close Industry Interface: The course gives student ample opportunity to interact and network with industry personnel. There are 4 industry visits over the span of three years and completion of thesis which gives opportunity for understand and do industry based research.
  • Work Based Degree: The curriculum in switzerland are designed to meet the needs of employment. They program engage students into activities and courses which would help student be better at their future job programs or entrepreneurial ventures.

Our BBA Program has Delhi University equivalence. It aims at inspiring students to be
innovative in their thoughts and actions, to grow their family businesses or to grow as
entrepreneurs themselves.


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