What can possibly happen when IILM Institute organizes its annual Fest? The answer is an event that will flip you 360 degrees in a matter of three flat days! This period probably goes down in the history of IILM, since this is when the students come together to put forth, the iFest which is synonymous to nothing less than a phenomenon!

iFest is the premiere management festival organized by the students in Delhi / Gurgaon, which involves organizing seminars, workshops and technical events as well as literary events to help students realize their potential and skills since it was formed on April, 2007.

Apart from the technical aspects it serves as a stage for all round development of skills in fields of management, communication and inter-personal abilities.The festival literally covers a lot of ground across campuses from end to end and provides an excellent platform for organizations and institutes to create awareness about their plans amongst the vast student community.


It is not about mere elocutions and debates, but about infusing team spirit among students, encouraging healthy competition, and of course about having fun. And loads of it!! The event caters to every aspect of a student’s, especially a budding manager’s needs through a range of events, some of which are:

  • Battle of Brains
  • Clash of Thoughts
  • Dalal Street
  • Esprit De Corps
  • Nukkad Natak
  • Ad Mingles
  • Thesaurus Hunt
  • Group Dance
  • Solo Singing
  • Solo Dance
  • Football Tournament
  • Basketball Tournament
  • Corporate Walk
  • Rock Band

But, of course, iFest, isn’t just about those three days. It’s about a whole month that goes into making it. It’s about that period of time, when all the IILM members, come together as one, and sweat it out, to make the event as big as it is, planning and executing publicity and hard core marketing activity.

For more details visit the website www.ifest.in


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