Workshop | Transforming Education through Social Media

Social media has become today an integral part of the modern society.

The workshop will focus on how faculties and counselors can inculcate social media tools in engaging the students effectively and effective new age teaching tools. Henceforth, enhance the overall performance of students.

Following are the session details:

Session 1:

New age teaching and learning

Why you need to attend this Workshop?

There was probably a time when academic staff in Higher Education simply followed the teaching methods that they had experienced as students. Nowadays there is increasing discussion about teaching methods. There are many reasons for this:

  • First, a declining unit of teaching resource has put the spotlight on teaching methods as teaching staff costs are a high proportion of total costs.
  • Second, developments in technologies for communicating and disseminating information have a large potential impact on the practice of teaching as an activity in which communicating and disseminating information are very significant aspects.
  • Third, increased focus on, and publicity of, performance indicators of teaching quality have also increased the attention paid to teaching methods.

None of these reasons are likely to go away so it is unlikely that concern about teaching methods in schools and colleges will subside. Therefore, keeping into view the changing environment this workshop will give all of us an opportunity to learn the new methods to engage our students and make learning fruitful.

Session 2:

Social Media for Educators

Why you need to attend this Workshop?

Social media refers to the new social technologies, enabled by Web 2.0, which allow users to create, share, or exchange information within virtual communities and networks. Despite a growing awareness of social media tools, and the increasing use of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, very few schools and educational institutions in India are effectively using these media. With the proliferation of social networking in school-going students, it has become imperative for educators to be cognizant of potential effects and more importantly, how to educate students to use social media platforms in a constructive manner for self-development. This workshop, created for educators and academic counsellors, will introduce you to the key aspects of social media, and help you understand how social media can be used to engage and learn in interesting new ways. The workshop will:
  • acquaint you with the various social media platforms, their unique characteristics and their limitations
  • illustrate how social media can be used in classroom learning through use cases
  • explain the challenges associated with social media engagement
  • share tips, strategies, and ideas for using social media in your classroom
  • provide guidance on how to implement a social media strategy for classroom learning
The workshop will be followed by a networking lunch.

Please note that seats are limited and subject to availability. Therefore, ensure your registrations before 23rd February 2016. School Faculties and Counsellors can register. Fill in the form below to request registeration or learn more:

Please note there is no participation fee. A certificate will be issued to participants on successful completion of the workshops.

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